Quality Policy

To continuously improve products and services in order to deliver high quality solutions.

In practice, this means that:

- XXL-Rehab services are organized in cooperation with the customer,
  so the customer can maximize the benefits of the services.

- Each supplier to us has to have a quality system approved by us or
  by third party.

- Complaints to XXL-Rehab are examined until the cause is found and
  the error corrected.

- Workflows within XXL-Rehab are continuously evaluated and possibly

We select our partners through the following requirements:

- CE
- ISO 2001
- UL

As a rule all products are reviewed, tested and checked for any deficiencies before being shipped to the customer.


If the customer receives a product where the packaging is not intact, the product must be checked. If the product is damaged upon receipt, XXL-Rehab must be contacted immediately in order to find a solution. This is also relevant if there are deficiencies to the delivered product.


It is important for us to deliver a product that works best for the users and the carers. Therefore, XXL-Rehab continually follows up on the quality of products and has an open dialogue with suppliers about required changes and adjacent changes in the standards and requirements for products and product developments. In addition, XXL-Rehab requires renewal of documentation, so everything is up-to-date.