XXL-Rehab Transporter

Strongly engineered and functionally designed exclusively for bariatric users!

MAX 325 KG


The XXL-Rehab Transporter is designed for easy indoor transport inside hospitals and bariatric departments. Another aim in the design was no upkeep and easy to disinfect contra normal wheelchairs.
The basket under the chair is made so that belongings etc can follow the patient during transit.

It is designed for easy access, independence, safety and on the care­giver terms. The 24” rear wheels provide more directional stability and smooth pushing.
The inside width of the XXL-Rehab Transporter is 71 cm, but using a 5 cm high PU foam seat and 7 cm free space to the armrests allows the body mass to fall down, instead of fading out to the sides. The impossible “wide inside but small outside” is obtained.

The footrest is always the weak point when it comes to bariatric products. Normally the producer makes a short cut here, by using a standard solution. We did not only design the footrest to carry 100 kg each, we did more!
The footrest is also side/width adjustable, so access to intimate hygiene is possible and people with the fat-tissue placed on the inside of their leg can sit with legs apart (up to 110 cm) and still have foot support. The brand new footrest is even nicely covered with PU foam.

The ability for bariatric users to reach far back to reach the armrest is usually not present. Therefore we have made the armrests with a length of 64 cm and let it stick out 7 cm from the seat base, ready to welcome and support the hands of mobile users. It enables the user to get into the chair by him/herself. The swing away armests can be taken off.
Another option is the butterfly armrests. Butterfly armrests add more than 10 cm to the seating width.

The space between backrest and seat has a clearance of 32 cm. This gives space for a possible bulbose gluteal region, but also enables the caregivers to reach for a sling and position the user better.


- Easy access
- Independence
- Stability and smooth pushing


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