XXL-Rehab Newsletter no 65


Introducing the new XXL-Rehab Transporter made for hospital use with no upkeep and easy to clean!

We are proud to launch the XXL-Rehab Transporter designed for easy transport inside hospitals.
This wheelchair solves the problem of transit of bariatric patients.

All our XXL-Rehab products are the result of many years of research in the bariatric field. Our range of mobility products are all designed to create higher quality of life for bariatric users and on the caregiver terms.

The new XXL-Rehab Transporter is no exception with its long armrests and side/width adjustable footrests which provide comfort for legs apart (up to 110 cm).

Key product features:

- No upkeep
- Easy to disinfect
- Basket for patient belongings
- Easy access
- Independence
- Stability and smooth pushing
- Weight capacity 325 kg Safe Working Load

Read more and see specifications here

If you want any further information on this product please send us an email info@xxl-rehab.com or call us +45 7025 2522.


Kind regards

Keld Jørgensen & The XXL-Rehab Team