XXL-Rehab 400 bariatric hospital bed

Strongly engineered and functionally designed exclusively for bariatric users!

MAX 400 KG


XXL-Rehab 400 bariatric hospital bed is a modern nursing bed suitable for bariatric users who weigh up to 400 kg. This bed is highly appropriate for recycling due to its adjustability. The bed accommodates both the needs of the user and caregiver.

The bed is manually adjustable both in width (90 / 100  or 120 cm) and in length (200 or 220 cm), making it easy to use for multiple users with different needs, both in hospitals and in home care.

A stable frame and a sturdy construction ensure that the bed provides great stability for the user, also in connection with transfer. The bed also has a central braking system and directional control of the wheels. Light bed rails are available for the bed. They are removable without tools. The lying surface of the bed is divided into four with up / down feature for both the headboard and foot end.

XXL-Rehab 400 hospital bed has separate controls for the caregiver, including Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg. Operation is easy to use and the caregiver can for example adjust the bed by standing at the foot end. The caregiver also has the option to lock individual power functions; this can help prevent misalignments of the user in the bed.

The bed has a light and elegant design with rounded corners,
making it very easy to clean.


- Bed rails are removable without tools
- Many adjustments available for both users and caregiver
- Very easy to clean

This product is useful for:

- Bariatric patients
- The hospital sector
- Home Care


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