XXL-Rehab Low Air Loss mattress

Pressure relief designed exclusively for bariatric users!

MAX 450 KG


Bariatric users often have difficulty in repositioning themselves in the bed, or only tolerate a certain lying position because of physical restrictions. If you add internal factors such as capillary flow, oxygen tension, sweating and additional illnesses it seems obvious that pressure relieving is of great importance for the bariatric users.

The XXL-Rehab Low Air Loss mattress is for bariatric users with a long history of pressure sores, with high risk of developing new pressure sores or with existing pressure sores up to grade 4.

Very immobile and bedridden patients benefit a lot from the features of the XXL-Rehab Low Air Loss mattress. The constant flow of air helps reduce the maceration of the skin due to moisture/sweat. The blower makes it easy to max inflate the mattress within seconds, making it easy to help the patients with hygiene, help turn the patient or provide stability for the patient so he or she can mobilise himself/herself.

The mattress is extra wide and the cells are reinforced and PU coated. It has a maximum weight capacity of 450 kg, and comes with a 2 way stretch incontinence cover with antibacterial coating.

The pump has an easily understandable control panel with different functions such as “firm” and “sitting function”. Activating “firm” makes the mattress evenly hard for 20 minutes. After that it returns to the previously pressed mode.


- Static head section and safety base
- CPR control


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