XXL-Rehab Rollator Support

Strongly engineered and functionally designed exclusively for bariatric users!

MAX 200 KG


With a weight capacity of 200 kg the XXL-Rehab Rollator Support is one of the strongest walkers.

It is both functional and has a light and discrete design.

It fits through doorways and folds easily for transport.

It includes a large seat, extra strong tubes and 8” massive tires that provide extra security, stability and comfort.

The XXL-Rehab Rollator Support has a large support surface. When the user sits down heavily, the back arch prevents that the weight is placed too far – beyond the support surface. In this way, the risk of accidents is prevented significantly.

The critical point for rollators for bariatric users are the brakes. The XXL-Rehab Rollator Support has ”feather touch” hand brakes that provide superior control and ensure the walker is easy to maneuver and to hold the weight.

The rollator comes with a basket and the handles are fitted with reflectors.


- Extremely strong and stable lightweighter
- Easy to fold and manoeuvre

- “Feather touch” hand brakes
- Fits through doorways
- The underarm support helps to walk in a more upright position and minimize stress on wrist. 


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