XXL-Rehab Shower Commode Tilt

Strongly engineered and functionally designed exclusively for bariatric users!

MAX 325 KG


The XXL-Rehab Shower Commode Electric Tilt has a 32 degree tilt position and a weight capacity of 325 kg Safe Working Load. This shower commode is designed to provide a comfortable alternative showering system in instances where the prone position might cause discomfort or distress to the user. It may also be used in circumstances of limited space providing a bathing solution where other units may not have room for operation.

Making tasks easier and safer
The XXL-Rehab Shower Commode Tilt provides better access for the caregiver in terms of hygiene, skin and tissue care as well as nursing/dressing feet in standing position, allowing
the caregiver to work in a safe and ergonomically sound way.

Improving care, efficiency and communication

This shower commode raises the efficiency of care because it enables a single caregiver to perform the whole showering procedure, as well as a wide range of everyday hygiene tasks.
The high level of support provided by the shower commode results in streamlined routines that offer considerable time savings compared with traditional methods. It also enables the caregiver and the user to maintain eye contact for better communication.

Suitable for
The XXL-Rehab Shower Commode Tilt is suitable for patients with reduced muscle tone, pressure ulcers, spasm, involuntary movement, amputations or stroke patients.

- Electric tilt up to 32˚
- The high backrest and sturdy armrests provide optimum user support and security.
- The reclined position gives full access for the caregiver to
most parts of the body and is very comfortable for the user.


- Four braked castors
- Powered tilt adjustment up to 32˚
- Footrests with fold up footplates and heel loops
- Elevation footrest
- Swing away armrests which can be taken off


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