XXL-Rehab Manual Wheelchair - The Eclipse Tilt

Strongly engineered and functionally designed exclusively for bariatric users!

MAX 270 KG


The tilt mechanism allows up to 30 degrees tilt for optimal comfort and positioning for individuals needing more support. The tilt uplift force is adjustable allowing the chair to be easily tilted regardless of user weight.

The steel frame gives the XXL-Rehab Eclipse Tilt Wheelchair maximum strength and rigidness, and therefore also makes it a long lasting wheelchair.

The frame is designed so most of the user weight is carried on the rear wheels. The wheels are especially made for this wheelchair; they are extra hard and solid making propulsion and steering easy and with very little loss of energy!

The seat pan is solid. Various medical conditions demand a solid seatpan (fractures, hemiplegia, lateralshifts etc). Giving a bariatric user a solid seat pan facilitates a good posture and activeness in the chair.

The XXL-Rehab Eclipse Tilt Wheelchair has adjustable seat depth, seat height, seat to floor angle and seat to back angle. All of this makes it easy to adjust to any user!

The back is constructed so users with a protruding behind can get good support to their lumbar spine, a huge problem rarely met by any other chair!

Front wheels are placed in front of the seat pan to ensure an anterior anti-tip, which is very important taking into consideration that most bariatric users have a lot of weight placed in front of them. The anterior anti-tip makes it possible for the user to get in and out of the wheelchair without the risk of tipping.

Different types of front rigging complete the adjustment possibilities. The chair can be used with 3 different kinds of cushions.

- 30° tilt
- Strong construction

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