XXL-Rehab HD electric wheelchair

Strongly engineered and functionally designed exclusively for bariatric users!

MAX 295 KG


The XXL-Rehab HD electric wheelchair is the obvious choice
for bariatric users. It has a heavy-duty construction with
upgraded in-line dual motors and a reinforced frame for
maximum durability. The wheelchair also offers solid springs
on the front anti-tip. The electric wheelchair is simple and
easy to use and many adjustments are possible to ensure
a high degree of comfort. The wheelchair is equipped with
the seating system “Synergy” which, among other things,
can grow in both width and depth.

The wheelchair has superb maneuverability with a turning
radius of only 131 cm. The patented mid-wheel drive
design together with 16” drive wheels and 9” caster wheels
provide unique stability for the user.

The wheelchair is both very reliable and safe to use. The
operation of the wheelchair is quiet with a top speed of 8
km/h and it has Intelligent Braking which is electronic,
regenerative disc brakes.

- Adjustable in seat width and depth
- Superb maneuverability
- Turns on minimum space 


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